ISA – Integrated Scoring and Awareness for Cyber Ranges

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Changing the Playground of Cyber Security Trainings

Starting from complex technical exercises to regular user trainings we offer novel approach to cyber security trainings. This is made possible thanks to our vast experience, unique technology and focus. At the heart of our philosophy in developing products and services is a firm belief that cyber security is not merely a technical problem; it is not a problem that can be solved only by more boxes, servers, routers or software. It is humans at every level starting from strategic decision makers to technical response teams to ordinary users who all play a role in finding the solution.

The only way to make it all work is to play.

Welcome to the new playground.

CybExer Range Platform

On-premise, easily deployable solution for complex technical cyber security exercises based on experience in military grade ranges. Cost effective, pay-as-you-go solution that allows fast cyber range capability creation in your organization.

Technical Exercises

Customized and off-the-shelf Blue Team and Red versus Red “Live Fire” cyber security exercises that can be carried out either on our range or at your premise. Experienced exercise management and red teaming capability.

Exercise Management Toolkit

Innovative exercise environment creation and automated deployment tool vLab Manager. Customized scenario and GAMENET creation for cyber security exercises. Integrated Scoring and Awareness tool ISA.

Cyber Hygiene

Interactive tool for human risk behavior mitigation in cyber security with integrated e-Learning Platform and Risk Evaluation Tool. Proven results in raising cyber awareness and mitigating human behavior-related risks.
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Latest News&Events

Estonia helps members of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly prepare for dealing with cyber crises
Brussels, 19. February 2020 “One of the aims of Estonia’s cyber diplomacy is to increase, together with our allies and partners, the know-how on cyberspace and related threats… Read more
CybExer Red-Teaming Capabilities Deployed at NATO CCDCOE “Crossed Swords 2020” Exercise
Tallinn, 3 February 2020 CybExer Technologies deployed its expertise in developing, testing and executing exercise Crossed Swords 2020, together with NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence (CCDCOE), CERT.LV, and other partners… Read more
Estonia builds critical information infrastructure cyber range
Tallinn, 17 January 2020 Estonian Research Council launched a project to build a virtual cyber-range overarching both public and private sector critical infrastructure to increase the national preparedness to prevent and deal with cyber threats… Read more

About CybExer Technologies

CybExer Technologies OÜ is a joint company established by two well-known Estonian cyber security and cyber solutions companies BHC Laboratory OÜ and Bytelife Solutions OÜ. Both companies have 50% share in Cybexer Technologies OÜ. Cybexer Technologies OÜ was established to develop and commercialize specific cyber security products by combining the expertise and experience of two founding companies.

Bytelife Solutions OÜ is one of the leading cyber infrastructure and software development companies in Estonia with excellent track record in implementing complex, large-scale cyber projects.

BHC Laboratory OÜ is cyber capabilities development company, that is mostly focused on serving international clients while maintaining strong relations with key Estonian clients.

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