Cyber Security for the Advanced

Do you already have a fair amount of experience from cyber range exercises and need tailored and advanced training scenarios?
Or you have very specific industry or infrastructure related requirements?
Or your organization’s IT infrastructure is just highly complex?

Here’s how our custom cyber range offering can serve you:

  • We understand information security policies. Should your organization have a strict on-premise-only requirement for sensitive IT infrastructure, our custom offering is for you.
  • We offer technical customizations to match the requirements specific to your organization.
  • We offer advanced scenarios to simulate complex cyber attacks that are difficult to replicate in real-life situations.
  • We provide industry or organization specific training to address unique cyber threats and vulnerabilities.
  • We create customized training programs that align with your specific cyber security goals and objectives – or you can also run your own in-house exercises on our custom cyber range platform.
  • Our custom cyber range solutions mimic realistic cyber attack environments that simulate the same tools, techniques, and procedures used by real cyber attackers.

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Custom Cyber Range Solution or a Subscription Service?

We offer our cyber ranges both as a subscription-based SaaS service
and as a custom solution, depending on the client’s specific needs.
How do you determine which one would work best for your specific requirements?
Not sure about whether to go with a custom or subscription-based solution?
Read more about our SaaS offering.

About Our Technology

Our technology solutions are designed to help enhance cyber security skills and preparedness. We offer proprietary software solutions for cyber security training and exercises, including automation for cyber ranges, real-time visualization and comparison of exercise data, e-testing and risk assessment modules, and automated breach simulation agents.

Case Studies

Luxembourg Cyber Range

National bespoke cyber range for the Department of Defence of Luxembourg to be used for national and international trainings. Procurement conducted by NSPA.

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Ukraine Cyber Range

Bespoke cyber range for the armed forces of Ukraine to train military personnel to help counter the cyber attacks against the country. Funded by EU and delivered in co-operation with eGA.

British Army Cyber Spartan 23

The latest iteration of a large-scale Live Fire training activity, designed to help participants improve their defensive cyber skills through a range of progressive challenges.

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Get in touch with us to discuss how our solution can meet the training needs of your organization. We believe that there is no better proof of our solution than a live demo and trial. You are welcome to contact us.

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