Years of cyber range experience with demanding customers globally

CybExer’s years of experience with some of the world’s most demanding customers ensure the maturity and reliability of our cyber range technology, as we have gained valuable feedback and insights from clients over the years. This feedback has been used to improve and refine our technology, ensuring that it meets the needs and expectations of even the most demanding customers.

Proven and scalable technology

CybExer’s proven and scalable technology helps ensure the reliability of our cyber ranges by providing a stable platform for conducting simulations and exercises. The technologies we use have been tested and used in real-world scenarios to ensure that it can handle the demands of a cyber range environment. Additionally, scalable technology allows for the addition of new simulations and exercises as the needs of our client organizations evolve, without having to completely rebuild the system.

Thorough cyber range operator trainings

CybExer’s comprehensive cyber range operator trainings help ensure the reliability of our cyber ranges by ensuring that the operators have the necessary knowledge and skills to properly set up and run simulations and exercises. The trainings include understanding the technology and systems used in the cyber range, as well as the procedures for conducting exercises and responding to different scenarios.

Essentially we try to make sure we empower the clients’ range operators so that they will have as much control over the cyber range configuration as possible: Properly trained operators are able to quickly identify and troubleshoot any issues that may arise during exercises, reducing downtime and ensuring that exercises can continue as planned. They are also able to properly configure and customize simulations to meet the specific training needs of the organization.

Effective support in getting the cyber range program up and running

As our clients are getting started with CybExer’s subscription-based cyber ranges, our support in getting the cyber range up and running plays a critical role. We provide the necessary resources and expertise to properly set up and maintain the cyber range infrastructure. This includes assistance with the installation and configuration of the technology used in the cyber range, as well as training for the operators and end-users.

CybExer’s support also includes ongoing maintenance and troubleshooting to ensure that the cyber range remains operational and reliable. This can include help with software updates and patches, as well as providing technical or other assistance in a timely manner.

Guaranteed “quick wins” from our existing content library

CybExer has an extensive existing library of cyber range exercises. One way to achieve “quick wins” through the content library is to identify and address vulnerabilities that are easily exploitable. This may include outdated software, weak passwords, and unsecured network configurations. Additionally, providing training on basic cybersecurity best practices, such as safe browsing habits and regular software updates, can also help mitigate potential threats.

Comprehensive customer success and support program

CybExer’s customer success and support program provides clients with the resources and support they need to effectively use and maintain the cyber range. Clients will receive comprehensive onboarding and training on how to use and navigate the cyber range, as well as best practices for cybersecurity. Our dedicated technical support team assists clients with any technical issues or questions they may have.

We regularly update and maintain the client’s cyber range with new content and features. We also monitor the range’s performance and provide clients with feedback and suggestions for improvement, while encouraging them to also share their feedback and suggestions for how the cyber range can be improved.