On-demand content from the library

One of the unique characteristics of CybExer’s subscription-based cyber range offering is the on-demand content available from the content library. This means that CybExer has an extensive collection of pre-built scenarios and exercises that can be accessed and used by clients at any time. This allows clients to customize their set of content to their specific needs and skill levels, rather than being limited to a pre-determined set of exercises. Additionally, the library is regularly updated with new scenarios, keeping the training and testing relevant and current.

Ability to create and monetize client’s own content

Especially training companies and the educational industry can create and monetize their own content on CybExer’s cyber range by first developing training materials and exercises specific to their industry or field. These materials can include simulations of real-world scenarios, as well as assessments and quizzes to test users’ knowledge and skills. Once these materials have been developed, the organization can offer access to the cyber range to other companies or individuals for a fee and organize relevant training events for their clients. Additionally, a training company can offer custom training and consulting services to help users make the most of the cyber range.

No limitations on the number of users

As opposed to a number of cyber range providers in the market, CybExer charges its services based on usage volumes, not on the number of users (user license-based model). This gives the client organizations a lot of additional flexibility in that they can organize for instance one-off skills testing with seats reserved to a number of recruitment candidates, driving the usage volumes up temporarily. When the testing has been conducted, the usage volume comes down bringing down the cost as well.

“Train as you fight”: Integrate company specific security tools and technologies
An additional important flexibility factor specific to CybExer’s cyber security offering is that the client organizations can integrate virtually any third party cyber security tools and technologies into CybExer’s cyber range, adding a lot of value to the organization’s entire cyber security efforts.

Fast implementation

CybExer’s subscription-based cyber ranges can be implemented in just seven days, during which time the range is customized to match the client’s specific needs and training curriculum. This is exceptional in the market; it is not untypical for cyber ranges being built for months, even over a year. Speed saves money for the clients: Rather than paying for the lengthy build process, the clients can kickstart using the cyber range very fast and according to their then-current usage needs.

Multiple use cases and industries supported

CybExer’s subscription-based cyber range can support multiple use cases and industries by providing a customizable, virtual environment for users to test and train their cybersecurity skills and strategies. It can be configured to simulate various scenarios and environments, such as those found in different industries, and can be adapted to meet the specific needs of different users, such as different skill levels or job roles. Additionally, a subscription-based model allows for easy access to the cyber range for a variety of users, and allows for regular updates and maintenance to keep the range current and effective.

Empowering the client

CybExer’s subscription-based cyber range offering is rooted in the philosophy of empowering the clients to be relatively self-sufficient in using their cyber ranges. This is opposed to the approach of many cyber range companies where the range provider tends to stay heavily involved and essentially run a training business at the side of software. During the client-specific yet rapid setup process of CybExer’s subscription-based cyber ranges, the client is trained to be able to run their exercise content as independently and effortlessly as possible.