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CybExer Team Shares Cybersecurity Expertise With Partners in Georgia Through Training Sessions With eGA

Published On: February 9, 2024Categories: News

CybExer Technologies, in partnership with e-Governance Academy, is delivering a set of tailored cybersecurity training programs for professionals working in Georgia’s Defence Forces. 

The program is being executed under the European Peace Facility, and it covers various essential topics, such as incident response strategies, secure network architecture, threat analysis, and the latest cybersecurity trends. 

The set of training sessions started last December, and they will continue until the end of April with a clear objective in mind – to share knowledge and expertise on various aspects of cybersecurity. 

Topics covered within the training include in-depth courses on operating systems, firewall technologies, security policies, and network administration. 

Workshops that are scheduled in January 2024 specifically aim to enhance cybersecurity incident response capabilities for the teams participating in sessions. The main focus is on helping participants improve their practical skills and understand every aspect necessary to respond to potential cyber threats and attacks effectively. 

The project lead and Head of the Cybersecurity Competence Center at the e-Governance Academy, Merle Maigre, spoke about the objectives of this initiative:

“The aim of these training sessions is to provide Georgian defence experts with practical, up-to-date knowledge that is essential for effectively countering modern cyber threats.” 

The Director of the Cyber Security Bureau of the Ministry of Defence of Georgia, Mr. Luka Mgeladze, also spoke about the importance of this collaboration: 

“As partners, the collaboration with E-Governance Academy on these high-profile cybersecurity initiatives is instrumental for strengthening Georgia’s defence forces against evolving cyber threats.“  

The Chief Operating Officer at CybExer Technologies, Aare Reintam, also told us about the importance of conducting these types of training sessions for the cybersecurity professionals in Georgia:

“I truly believe that sharing our expertise and conducting cybersecurity training sessions for professionals in Georgia’s Defence Forces will have a positive impact on improving the country’s overall security posture and assisting local organizations to enhance their cyber resilience.”  

Our team at CybExer Technologies is delighted to participate in such training sessions and share our expertise and knowledge with other organizations globally.