Skills Testing & Assessment

CybExer’s Cyber Skills Testing offering covers testing services for recruitment purposes or internal assessment of cyber security professionals. Suitable for personnel with little cyber security experience up to seasoned experts, CybExer’s skills testing suite helps cyber security professionals enhance their skillset or for instance pivot to different roles. In our skills testing exercises, the participants perform tasks in a cyber range environment that is designed to mimic real world situations. The objectives, scoring, and results of the skills tests are based on a Professional Development Plan (PDP) that will help track the participants’ pathway towards career progression.

Cybersecurity Training & Exercises

CybExer Cyber Range can be used to simulate real-world cyber attacks and allow organizations to practice their response and recovery plans in a safe and controlled environment.

CybExer offers a wide variety of training and exercise experiences from live-fire Blue vs Red Team exercises, Threat Hunting exercises, CTF-s to individual training paths.

Our exercises can help identify any weaknesses in the organization’s cybersecurity posture (skills and capability gap) and allow them to be addressed before a real attack occurs.

AI Research & Testing

CybExer Cyber Range provides an ideal environment for AI researchers. Our technology enables propagate rapidly deployable environments that can be used to train algorithms. Our cyber range provides proven and very stable environment that take away researchers’ concerns that valuable research time is spent on setting up and nurturing the infrastructure.

Technology Testing

Cyber Ranges allow testing and integration of all kinds of technologies. The goal can be preproduction testing or testing cybersecurity products and solutions.

Unfortunately it is easy to overspend on cybersecurity. “Throwing money at the problem” is not a solution. CybExer Cyber Range allows customers to test their cybersecurity products, making sure that they get the best value out of their investments. We have experience in integrating all the best known commercial cybersecurity vendors’ products into our cyber range, allowing the teams to maximize their usefulness. We have also integrated some of the most complex operational technology systems for preproduction testing .


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