Why Partner with CybExer?

CybExer’s state of the art cyber range technology provides an Ultra realistic environment designed to help businesses of any size and complexity step up organizational readiness and resilience to cyber-attacks. By closing the skills gap ensuring security teams and operational environments are prepared and equipped to defend against cyber attacks.

Increase revenue

Drive customer

Differentiate your


Resellers / Distributors

Enhance and differentiate your existing solution portfolio whilst increasing revenue by adding CybExer’s cyber range technology to your offering.

  • Increase revenue opportunities by expanding your offering to existing customers and attracting new customers

  • Drive adoption of your cyber security solutions and services.

  • Differentiate your solutions from those of your competitors

Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP)

Increase your managed service revenue and lower operating costs, CybExer’s cyber range technology enables MSSPs to effectively measure team competency against ever evolving cyber threats together with providing insight into your client’s cybersecurity posture and processes.

  • Effectively measure team competency against ever evolving cyber threats
  • Get visibility into your clients’ security posture
  • Value added resale of CybExers cyber range driving increased margins and increased value

Technology & Alliance Partners

CybExer partners with leading security vendors and service providers to build live range simulations that validate and showcase the value and effectiveness of these solutions and services in ultra-realistic scenarios and environments

  • Show both current and prospective customers how your products and services function in a simulated production environment.
  • Integrate products to ensure the effectiveness of your solutions
  • Incorporate our training content into your offering to drive additional value and further differentiate your offering.