AI Research

CybExer Cyber Range provides an ideal environment for AI researchers. Our technology enables rapidly deployable environments that can be used to train algorithms. Our cyber range provides proven and very stable environment that take away researchers’ concerns that valuable research time is spent on setting up and nurturing the infrastructure.

A controlled environment for AI testing provides a safe and efficient way to optimize the performance of AI systems while meeting compliance standards. Cyber range can be used to:

  1. Ensure safety: A controlled environment allows AI to be tested safely, ensuring it doesn’t pose any risks to humans or the environment.
  2. Optimize performance: Testing in a controlled environment allows developers to optimize AI performance by modifying and tweaking its algorithms and parameters.
  3. Cost-effective: Testing in a controlled environment saves time and resources in the long run, preventing costly failures when the AI is deployed for real-world use.
  4. Meet compliance standards: Regulations may require AI to be tested in a controlled environment, ensuring that the AI system is compliant with regulatory standards and meets necessary legal and ethical requirements.

Cyber Ranges and Digital Twins

Cyber ranges allow the testing and integration of many kinds of technologies. “Digital twins” is a specific approach that is useful for testing and validating the behaviour of a network or cyber system in a safe and controlled environment. Some particularly meaningful use cases for digital twin arrangements include testing operational technologies in industry 4.0 solutions, space environments, military applications, or smart cities.

In cooperation with the University of Tartu Observatory and CybExer, there is an ongoing R&D project to create digital twin from the ESTCube-2 satellite control system. The twin has the same functions used to control the satellite, but their implementation does not affect the operation of the ESTCube-2.

ESTCube-2 – three-unit CubeSat


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