Various tier options available

Through the different tiers available in CybExer’s subscription-based cyber range offering, we can cater to the needs and budget of very different clients. This allows clients to choose the level of service that best meets their needs and budget at any given time. Clients are also able to switch tiers in a flexible and straightforward manner.

Low financial threshold to get initial access to the technology

CybExer’s subscription-based cyber range offering lowers the financial threshold for clients to get initial access to the technology by allowing them to pay for the service on a recurring basis, rather than having to make a large upfront investment. This makes cyber ranges more accessible for smaller organizations or individuals with limited budgets. Additionally, subscription-based models can provide more flexibility for the clients, as they can cancel or change their subscription at any time, depending on their budget or requirements. This flexibility can help clients to use the service more effectively.

Volume-based pricing: pay as you go, no large upfront investment

The volume-based pricing of a subscription-based cyber range offering allows CybExer’s clients to purchase a certain amount of usage rather than a fixed number of seats. This makes the solution more affordable for clients, especially those whose needs vary over time, and paying for a fixed number of seats rather than usage volume would be too rigid a solution.

Volume-based pricing also allows clients to budget for their cyber range usage more effectively and makes it easier for them to justify the cost of the solution to their organization. Additionally, volume-based pricing allows clients to flexibly expand the number of users who have access to the cyber range solution.

Boost your range computing power according to the peaks in usage

A subscription-based cyber range solution allows clients to access additional computing power as needed, through cloud-based resources. This allows them to scale up during periods of high usage, such as during training exercises or simulated attacks, and then scale down during periods of low usage. This helps clients save money by only paying for the computing power they actually use, and can also help ensure that they have enough resources available to meet their needs during peak usage periods.