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Projekti lühikirjeldus: Luxembourg Internet Days 2018 osalemine

Eesmärk: CybExer kübervõimekuse tutvustamine Luxembourg Internet Days 2018 messil

Tulemus: Konverentsil osalemine toetas tugevalt CybExer eesmärke laienemiseks eksport turgudele

Fondi nimetus: Välismessitoetus

Toetuse summa: 3 492 eur

Project title in English: Applied Research of the Technical Aspects and Threat Vectors of Cyber Hygiene

Program: Applied research in smart specialisation growth areas: NUTIKAS

Applicant: CybExer Technologies OÜ

Financing institution: Archimedes Foundation

Amount of support: 206 640 euros

Financing period: 01.06.2017−31.12.2019

The goal of the project: The goal of the project is to carry out applied research in the field of cyber hygiene, with a particular aim to analyse the theoretical background, risk evaluation concept and other critical technical and cyber security-related aspects of a Cyber Hygiene e-Learning and Risk Mitigation Platform offered by CybExer Technologies Ltd.

Collaboration with Tallinn University of Technology.