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Cyber Ranges allow testing and integration of all kinds of technologies. The goal can be preproduction testing or testing cybersecurity products and solutions.

Unfortunately it is easy to overspend on cybersecurity. “Throwing money at the problem” is not a solution. CybExer Cyber Range allows customers to test their cybersecurity products, making sure that they get the best value out of their investments. We have experience in integrating all the best-known commercial cybersecurity vendors’ products into our cyber range, allowing the teams to maximize their usefulness. We have also integrated some of the most complex operational technology systems for preproduction testing .

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Case Studies

Smart City Systems

A variety of smart city applications and solutions, including smart pedestrian crossings, street lighting systems, self-driving cars, museum security systems – surveillance systems implemented – in the largest student hacking competition.
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Smart City Cyber Range

Research the resilience of smart city mobility solutions using cyber range technology to protect cities and civilian infrastructure against cyber disruptions.
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Satellite Groundstation

Developing a satellite operations simulator in order to advance cyberecurity and satellite communication systems as well as their testing and validation on a cyber range.
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