We understand the critical importance of testing, validating, and refining technology solutions in a safe and controlled environment. Our Cyber Range and Digital Twin solutions provide you with the tools you need to ensure the security, reliability, and effectiveness of your technological innovations. we leverage our extensive experience in integrating the most renowned commercial cybersecurity vendors’ products into our Cyber Range. This integration empowers teams to extract the maximum utility from these tools while ensuring a comprehensive testing environment. Furthermore, our expertise extends to the integration of intricate operational technology systems for preproduction testing, enabling you to refine your technology with confidence.

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Technology testing with Cyber Range

A Cyber Range is a virtual environment purposefully designed to replicate real-world cyber threats, attack scenarios, and security breaches. Our Cyber Range solution builds upon our integration proficiency to provide a seamless testing experience:

Advanced Integration: We seamlessly integrate products from top commercial cybersecurity vendors, enabling your teams to work with familiar tools in a controlled, secure environment.

Comprehensive Testing: With our integrated Cyber Range, you can rigorously test your technology’s defenses against a diverse array of cyber threats, ensuring its resilience in the face of evolving challenges.

Operational Insights: Our integration expertise allows you to recreate complex operational technology systems, gaining invaluable insights into how your technology performs under diverse conditions.

Digital Twins with Cyber Range

Our Digital Twin solution complements your technology testing by offering real-time insights and optimization possibilities:

Integrated Reflection: Just as we integrate cybersecurity tools, we integrate the core aspects of your technology into a digital twin, offering a detailed virtual replica for analysis.

Intelligent Monitoring: Our Digital Twin monitors your technology’s behavior and performance, feeding you real-time data for informed decision-making.

Integrated Innovations: Test enhancements and changes within the digital twin before implementing them, saving time and resources while ensuring successful updates.

We are committed to advancing technology testing and innovation through the seamless integration of cybersecurity products and operational systems. Our combined Cyber Range and Digital Twin solutions provide a holistic approach to refining and fortifying your technology in a risk-free environment.

Experience the future of technology testing with CybExer Technologies. Reach out to us today to discover more and arrange a personalized demonstration of our integrated Cyber Range and Digital Twin solutions.

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Case Studies

Smart City Systems

A variety of smart city applications and solutions, including smart pedestrian crossings, street lighting systems, self-driving cars, museum security systems – surveillance systems implemented – in the largest student hacking competition.
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Smart City Cyber Range

Research the resilience of smart city mobility solutions using cyber range technology to protect cities and civilian infrastructure against cyber disruptions.
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Satellite Groundstation

Developing a satellite operations simulator in order to advance cyberecurity and satellite communication systems as well as their testing and validation on a cyber range.
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