vLab Manager

vLab Manager (vLM) is proprietary software that offers an intelligent automation solution for cyber ranges by handling the deployment and management of different game scenarios. The software is used to manage all the systems of a cyber range; thus provides realistic environments for exercises, training, and use. vLM is also a development tool for  new targets for specific cyber ranges tailored to client needs.

Our vLM allows fast scalability and configuration of game networks from the existing target library. vLM includes a library of existing targets that can be quickly deployed for new cyber range creation. Such deployments can be executed a few clicks and do not require any specific technical knowledge on the part of the deployer.

With the range’s proprietary orchestration software vLab Manager, we are able to virtualise and integrate essentially all types of technical equipment from traditional office network, industrial OT and SCADA systems, complex mobile networks (4G and 5G) and physical machines such as drones, oil-pumps etc.

Integrated Scoring and Awareness

CybExer has developed award-winning software for cyber exercise situational awareness and participant scoring. The solution, called Integrated Scoring and Awareness (ISA), offers an unmatched level of quality through state-of-the-art visualization techniques and data capture. This provides an exquisite level of detail, sophistication and precision in cyber exercise visualisation. Moreover, ISA comprehensively captures all exercise data and makes observing the exercises an exciting and engaging experience.

ISA provides near real-time visualization and comparison of exercise data

This solution overcomes one of the main challenges in conducting complex technical cybersecurity exercises to know what is happening –  which systems are under attack, how the adversary is moving through the network, impact of exploitations, and how well defenders are performing. Exercises are no longer black boxes but highly transparent and easy-to-follow events for everybody.


DeLRAP is a e-testing module for technical training. The platform enables learning and testing processes that provides auditing and risk assessment across all levels of the organization. The learning module of DeLRAP is an interactive, engaging and effective tool consisting of a training module and two separate test modules addressing skills and risk behaviour at the user level. It serves as an effective risk-mapping tool because it collects feedback from the participants as they react to the issues the platform presents to them.

Based on these reactions, the tool highlights the risk and skill area of each participant. The results can be then aggregated to departmental, organizational or other similar levels. The goal of this multi-level analysis is to facilitate the implementation of security policies, decision-making processes and effective risk mitigation.

The courses on DeLRAP are not “pass or fail”; instead they seek to identify risks. CybExer offers courses on cyber hygiene, GDPR, anti-money laundering, anti-corruption and a special cyber hygiene course dedicated to remote work.

Automated Breach Simulation Agents

CybExer’s proprietary technologies allow for the automation of breaches and exploitation of systems based on real-world events. This allows defenders to have a systemic understanding of both breaches and lateral movements throughout networks and systems.


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