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How Can Cyber Range Exercises Improve Your Organization’s Cyber Security?

Cyber range exercises provide realistic scenarios for hands-on experience in identifying and responding to cyber threats. Using cyber ranges, you’ll get to

  • identify weaknesses in your organization’s cyber security systems
  • test your incident response plans
  • train your employees in cyber security best practices
  • meet compliance requirements

Ultimately with cyber range exercises, you will improve your organization’s overall cyber security preparedness and reduce the risk of a cyber attack.

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Why Cyber Range as a Service?

CybExer’s NATO-awarded platform and products have been tried and tested as custom solutions by some of the most demanding military and governmental organizations around the world.

Responding to the increasing client demand for flexible subscription-based solutions, we have moved our cyber range services to the cloud. With the significant developments recently in the information security of cloud IT systems, we can confidently provide our cyber range services to enterprises as a flexible SaaS solution.

Subscription-based cyber range services offer particular benefits to clients over traditional custom solutions under three categories:

Our Happy Customers

Heineken Netherlands

Discover how Heineken learned the hard way that they were not as safe as they thought. The exercise exposed vulnerabilities and highlighted the need for better cyber security practices. Through this experience, Heineken recognized that no organization is completely safe, and the importance of continually improving their cyber security posture.

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Armed Forces of Ukraine

The armed forces of Ukraine has received comprehensive cyber defence training, customised to their specific needs, as part of the EU-funded cyber range initiative, in collaboration with eGA, to mitigate the effects of cyber attacks and safeguard national security.

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Estonian National Information System Authority

The Estonian National Information System Authority utilized our cyber range technology to create custom training sessions for multiple Estonian banks, enhancing their cybersecurity readiness. The platform simulated real-life cyber threats in the banking industry, giving banks the skills to prevent and respond to potential security breaches & cyber attacks.

Why Would We Adopt Subscription Service over a Custom Solution?

Setting up a cyber range on-premise essentially means that your organization needs to set up an own data center and IT infrastructure accommodating the cyber range. This is not a trivial effort, in that it takes both financial and physical resources (facilities) and, importantly, investment in personnel that takes care of maintaining the infrastructure.

Hence, investing in on-premise IT infrastructure means that you’ll ideally have a relatively clear idea as to what your cyber security training needs will be over the next 3-5 years, to justify the up front investment in the IT infrastructure.

On the contrary, a subscription-based solution is easily accessible even for smaller organization, scales up when your needs grow, and scales down when there’s less activity on the range.

The single greatest driver for the on-premise solution has traditionally been information security. Yet with today’s state-of-the-art technical arrangements, it is possible to meaningfully accommodate even the strictest security requirements with a cyber range as a service solution.

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Background of our SaaS Offering

Cyber ranges have emerged from military and defence organizations.

Cyber ranges have increased in popularity, resulting from the increasing dependence of organizations on digital infrastructure.

Traditionally, cyber ranges have been purchased as on-premise solutions, with sizable up front investments in IT infrastructure, and the need to hire additional employees to maintain it.

Cyber range services have also been used primarily by military and defense organizations to train and prepare their personnel for cyber warfare. Understandably, the IT systems traditionally built to support this effort were set up and hosted strictly in-house.

However, in recent years, the use of cyber range services has expanded to include a much broader range of government agencies and private sector companies.

With the evolving groups of clients and their needs, the supply side of cyber range services has also developed to cater to the client needs. In particular, purchasing cyber ranges as a subscription (SaaS) service has made its way as a concept to the cyber range industry.

Subscription services are a familiar approach in a wide range of B2B businesses, hence it’s only natural that the flexibility and affordability related to SaaS business has now been introduced to the cyber range services as well.

CybExer is one of the first companies globally to introduce the availability of cyber ranges as a flexible, reliable and affordable SaaS solution.

Bridging that cyber security skills gap among employees and staying on top of the latest developments on the cyber threats front is now more accessible than ever.


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