CybExer Organized Army Cyber Spartan 23 to Assist Army Personnel Develop Their Cyber Capabilities

CybExer Technologies put together the Army Cyber Spartan 23 cybersecurity [...]

2024-05-21T08:26:40+00:00January 12, 2024|Case Studies, Resource Center|

What’s the Process Behind Red/Blue Team Exercise?

A red/blue team exercise is a simulation of a cyberattack, [...]

Researching Cyber Security of Small Satellites using Digital Twin and Cyber Range Technology

Abstract by Kristiina Omri, Aare Reintam, Ragnar Rattas from CybExer [...]

Space Cybersecurity: ESTCube-2 Satellite Control System

University of Tartu Observatory and CybExer Technologies are running an [...]

Software-as-a-Service Cyber Range

Increasing accessibility: CybExer’s shift towards a SaaS delivery model Cyber [...]

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