Cyber Ranges for Academics

There is an increasing demand for specialists who can monitor, track, and prevent cyber-attacks. The academic sector urgently needs state-of-the-art tools to teach students the skills to be able to do this. Within our simulated networks, students will also learn to locate and exploit vulnerabilities on various systems and develop the skills to help them identify, monitor and resist cyber-attacks.

Cyber Range for Universities is a new customised product for academic institutions and universities for IT and cyber security research and study programs.

We provide:

• Discounted academic rates
• Free consultations to define cyber range specification and requirements
• “Agnostic” range platform compatible with customer-provided hardware
• Partnership with academic clients to create and resell novel tasks to our Cyber Range library
• Webinars / Cyber Range demos
• Cyber Range test events

CybExer’s proprietary cyber range, which is one of the most powerful cyber ranges of its kind, is now available to universities to help try to solve this problem. Our flexible, scalable cyber range technology has been awarded a NATO Innovation Award for its outstanding visualisation software – making it intuitive and ideal for the education industry.
Multiple Use Cases and Scenarios

Within our simulated networks, students will also learn to locate and exploit vulnerabilities on various systems and develop the skills to help them identify, monitor and resist cyber attacks – attributes that will be essential in helping plug the current cyber skills gap, estimated to be around 3.5 million globally, and fighting the estimated $6 trillion cost in damages caused by cyber-crime in 2021, according to Cybersecurity Ventures.

Real-Life Scenarios

The CybExer University Cyber Range has designed for all users whether they have a basic or more advanced understanding of cyber security. It also enables to organise engaging competitions – users can take part in Capture the Flag events as well as live-fire exercises or combinations of both.

The University Cyber Range will also test and develop the creativity of students in real life scenarios. Users will learn to locate and exploit vulnerabilities on various network systems as well as experience full-on cyber-attacks – all in a safe, controlled environment.

Easy Set-up

CybExer is making it simple for universities to get set up with our Cyber Range packages – our Cyber Range is ready to be deployed on university infrastructure or cloud-hosted infrastructure or be acquired with hardware.
Sometimes, defining Cyber Range specifications and requirements can be a difficult task. As part of our academic offer, CybExer shall provide free consultations and sample documentation for universities who are considering setting up or upgrading their Cyber Ranges.

Operational Technology

CybExer Cyber Ranges support the simulation of all critical information infrastructure facilities across many sectors including electricity, gas, oil, telecommunication, water supply, agriculture, heating, public health, transportation systems, financial services, and security services. This gives students a range of experience which will help them more easily find a job upon graduation.

To date, CybExer has provided Cyber Ranges the following systems: IOT, SCADA and PLCs- like power grid SCADA systems, powergrid RTUs and smartreaders, Sattelite Ground System, UAV flight ground control systems, upstream oil and gas solutions, Smart city HVAC and vital services components, traffic light systems and other smaller components.