Cyber Security and Space Enterprise

Space has become a new frontier in cybersecurity. Today there are nearly 6,000 satellites circling the earth. This amount will double in a few years. Majority of these satellites are controlled by operators using ground stations on Earth. Critical commands could potentially be intercepted, jammed or even overridden.

Space assets, including both ground systems and satellites, are fundamentals of the space environment that underpin economy and military presence. The ability to impact multiple systems by compromising a single space item is an attractive target for cyber-attacks. Therefore, cyber security of space technology is crucial for space and defence community.

Cyber Ranges for Space Systems

In the space systems industry, cyber range technology is used to create digital twins, test software, build simulators for space systems and train the cyber security personnel. These tests can help identify vulnerabilities and improve security measures. The use of cyber range technology has evolved over time to include more sophisticated and custom simulations. for special systems.

Overall, the use of cyber range technology in the space technology industry is critical for improving cybersecurity, protecting space systems and the infrastructure on earth that relies in its actions from satellite communications. As the industry continues to evolve, it is likely that the use of cyber range technology will become even more important.

CybExer Technologies is actively participating in space-related R&D projects – here and here. Also, see the video.

How CybExer Can Help

Space-related projects are specific and customized. As a cyber range company CybExer has gained valuable knowledge and experiences in multiple space projects and our cooperation with other parties continues. If your company or organisation needs cyber range to test your solutions, create digital twins, build simulators or train your cyber security personnel that is defending space-systems, don’t hestitate to contact us.

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