CybExer Product Updates

CybExer Product Updates H1 2023

We are constantly working to improve our platform and provide you with the best cybersecurity training and exercise environment. We are thrilled to announce the release of several new features that will take your experience to the next level. Let’s dive into the exciting updates!

Effortlessly Copy-Paste Between Desktop and Web Console

We are excited to announce a significant update that addresses your feedback and provides a robust and user-friendly solution for copy-pasting within the web console. This update offers a more seamless experience when working with text, such as copying IPs, commands, or lengthy flags in Capture the Flag tasks.

Copy-paste feature

Expanding Access Methods for Greater Flexibility   

In addition to the copy-paste improvement, we would also like to highlight the existing functionalities that contribute to a versatile and comprehensive training environment. CybExer platform already supports various access methods, including SSH, VNC, RDP protocols, and VPN access. These methods cater to different purposes and ensure that you have the flexibility to connect and engage with the platform using your preferred approach.

Expanding Access

Streamlining Direct Host Access from Target Check Status 

To further enhance your workflow efficiency, we have introduced an exciting update for Blue Team users. Now, you can directly access any host from the Target Check Status view. Instead of manually copying and pasting IP addresses to the console, this streamlined feature allows you to access the host with a simple click. The Target Check Status view lists all targets assigned to your team, providing valuable insights into their status, whether they are under attack, healthy/breached, or experiencing service disruptions. This enhancement saves you time and eliminates unnecessary steps, ensuring a smoother experience while managing your network targets.

Direct Host Access

Enhanced Answering Options in The Scoring System (ISA)  

We understand that task validation plays a crucial role in your training exercises. To cater to a wide range of tasks and scenarios, we have expanded the answering options available when creating tasks in our ISA platform. In addition to the existing answer types, such as Single Answer, Free Form, GMA Validation, and Versus, we have introduced two new options: 

Ignoring Casing and Whitespaces:  

This new feature allows you to validate answers while disregarding the casing and whitespaces, ensuring greater flexibility and acceptance of user input. Minor variations in formatting will no longer hinder the accuracy of your task validation. 

Multiple Right Answers:

In scenarios where there can be multiple correct answers, you can now configure tasks to accept multiple right answers. This flexibility encourages critical thinking and accommodates a broader range of acceptable responses, reflecting the diverse nature of real-world cybersecurity challenges. 

Expanding Live Fire Exercise Realism with CCTV Component 

We constantly seek to make your live fire exercises more authentic and challenging. With our latest update, we have introduced an add-on that brings a CCTV component to your exercises. This addition introduces new vulnerabilities and provides the blue team with additional tasks and challenges. As an attacker, you can disable the cameras and block access to the feed or gain unauthorized access to the camera feed and monitor the covered area. The CCTV component adds an extra layer of complexity to your training, encouraging strategic thinking and expanding the scope of cybersecurity scenarios. 

In addition to the CCTV component, we offer other exciting add-ons for your CybExer gamenet and live fire exercises, such as HVAC, Satellites, UAV/Drone, and Counter-UAS. These add-ons provide unique challenges and opportunities for participants to broaden their cybersecurity expertise and stay ahead of emerging threats.

Live Fire Exercise

We are committed to delivering superior training experience by actively listening to your feedback and implementing improvements based on your needs. These updates are a testament to that commitment, offering enhanced functionalities that ensure a seamless and immersive training environment. 

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to innovate and empower cybersecurity professionals with the skills and knowledge they need to tackle evolving threats effectively.