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With the massive increase in possible cyber threats and attacks, preparation is the key. One of the most effective ways to prepare your organization for a cyber attack is by utilizing the power of cyber ranges. 

Cyber ranges help organizations train and test their skills in a variety of cyber security scenarios. Combining both content and sometimes complex technology, cyber ranges may not be the easiest services for organizations to purchase. 

We have compiled a comprehensive list of the best practices for organizations to consider when preparing a request for a proposal for a cyber range solution. 

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Why Is a Request for Proposal for a Cyber Range Important?

Creating a detailed Request for Proposal (RFP) that lists all the requirements for the cyber range saves a lot of trouble for everyone involved in the process. It is important to note that cyber ranges help companies and organizations to train their employees and test their security systems in a controlled environment. Research shows that the demand for cyber ranges has increased significantly over the last couple of years. 

A Request for Proposal (RFP) is a document that outlines the requirements for a project or product and is used for socialist proposals from vendors. The main purpose of the RFP is to provide a clear and comprehensive description of the project requirements. 

When it comes to cyber range, the RFP must outline the organization’s goals, objectives, and requirements. It also needs to include a description of what are the desired features, capabilities, and services that the cyber range needs to provide. That’s why it can be essential for everyone involved to craft a proper Request for Proposal to outline the requirements for a project or product and use it to solicit proposals from vendors. 

In this report, we discuss some of the best practices that our team has discovered over the years in crafting RFPs that help the purchasing organization get the value out of their cyber range investment. 

Here at CybExer Technologies, we provide advanced cybersecurity training and testing solutions to boost your organizational cyber resilience. Trusted by hundreds of organizations in over 50 countries, our platform is the go-to choice for realistic and impactful training experiences. 

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