Tapa Municipality Played Strategic Crises Simulation Exercise Using CybExer STRATEX Software

Published On: August 27, 2020Categories: News

On 13th of August, training exercise involving the Tapa Municipality crisis response team was held, in which the team coped with an emergency situation due to harsh climatic conditions, which was accompanied by a power outage and a cyber-attack on the Tapa information systems.

The exercise in Tapa Municipality, hosting the most eastern NATO military base, was carried through on CybExer Technologies STRATEX platform that we have developed for high-level strategic exercises. According to the training scenario, the Municipality of Tapa was hit by a major snowstorm, which caused power outages, broke trees, and rendered a large number of roads impassable. In addition, the municipalities government’s computer systems were subjected to a cyber-attack.

The purpose of the crisis training exercise was to practice resolving an emergency situation, cooperate with partner agencies and providers of vital services, notify the public and resolve a cyber incident. The objective was to also test the functioning of the Tapa Municipality recently completed emergency resolution plan.

Participating in the training exercise were the Tapa Municipalities crisis response team, several partner agencies – Police, Rescue Center and critical service providers. A physical crisis was not simulated, and the activities intended to resolve the situation were played out in the workplaces of the respective participants.

Andrus Kivisaar, the CEO of CybExer Technologies said, that CybExer is happy to contribute to help the strategically important Tapa Municipality that hosts the most eastern NATO military base to exercise and test its crises response systems. “Through this exercise we witnessed again how important it is to test crises response systems of municipalities and that STRATEX platform is very well suites to carry through such exercises. It helps to find the weak spots of the crises management structures and improve cooperation between the players who have to work during the crises and secure the safety of civilians,” Kivisaar said.