City of Tartu is the First Local Government to Introduce Cyber Hygiene Platform

Published On: May 16, 2017Categories: News

Tartu City Government is the first local government in Estonia to implement the CybExer Cyber Hygiene testing platform.

It aims to raise the awareness of people working in the city administration system about protecting themselves and the city’s critical services from cyberattacks.

“The City of Tartu considers cyber security to be of utmost importance and has been purposefully working for it; now we will start training our employees. The latest events show that cyberattacks are becoming more frequent and large-scale, and as a ‘smart city’ we cannot sit and wait until they hit us,” Tartu mayor Urmas Klaas explained.

As a major share of everyday operation of Tartu City Government’s and its agencies is conducted over electronic channels constantly used by tens of thousands of city residents, Klaas believes the city must do everything to make sure that these services are well protected. “Experience has shown that critical systems are often attacked by means of exploiting people’s negligence in their use of e-mail or Internet, so we decided that as a responsible city we should first of all raise the cyber threat awareness of our own officials and other employees,” Klaas added.