Kari-Pekka Rannikko Joins CybExer as Senior Strategy Advisor

Published On: May 18, 2020Categories: News

Col (Ret.) Kari-Pekka Rannikko joins CybExer Technologies OÜ strategy team as Senior Strategy Advisor focusing on hybrid threats and strategic decision-making. In 2019 he served as the Project Manager at Finland’s EU Presidency where he was responsible for Scenario Based Policy Discussions on Countering Hybrid Threats (SBPD CHT), including for the EU Ministers of Interior, EU MOD Policy Directors and EU MFA Policy Directors.

“Kari-Pekka Rannikko will add a timely insight and expertise on hybrid threats to our strategy team that is constantly focused on delivering state-of the-art solutions in trainings to senior policy audiences around the world,” said CybExer CEO Andrus Kivisaar. “As cyber threats evolve, they are increasingly intertwined with hybrid threats and we are glad to be able to add Kari’s perspective to our strategic exercise development process.”

“When I look at the pipeline of the exercises, I am excited to add the hybrid perspective to the upcoming high-profile events. In many ways the future looks blurry and our preparedness to face all its challenges becomes even more crucial.”

Col. (Ret.) Kari Pekka Rannikko has over 30 years’ experience in Defense Administration. He has served in UN missions in Israel, Syria and Lebanon, in EU roles in Belgium and Nato/Coalition roles in United States. Retired 2015 from the Defense Forces. His academic interests are focused on Integrated Approach to Crises Management, which he is realizing as course director in Finnish Defence College. He has also served as Chief of International Section at J5 of Finnish Defence Command where he was responsible for crisis management mil-pol planning, bilateral and multilateral cooperation. He has served as Deputy Military Representative at the Finnish Permanent Representation to Brussels. He has also served as Chief of UN Observer Group Golan as part of UNDOF (Golan Heights, Syria and Israel) and as UN Military Observer (Lebanon and Golan Heights).