CybExer Technologies Launches a Unique Cyber Hygiene e-Learning Platform

Published On: May 19, 2016Categories: News

It is a well-known fact that approximately 97% of cyber incidents are caused by human risk-behavior. To counter this threat, CybExer Technologies has developed an e-Learning and risk mitigation platform that addresses the risk behavior of managers, specialists and regular users.

The e-Learning platform is highly intuitive and scalable, and suitable for both large and small and medium public organizations and enterprises. The focus of our approach is in interaction with the participant: during the course, we want to get to the reasons of the risk behavior, we teach different choices and try to take as much feedback as possible. During the development phase our team found astounding results while analyzing the user feedback. That drove us to the conclusion that human risk behavior mitigation is only possible through interaction. This is exactly what our new Cyber Hygiene e-Learning and risk mitigation platform provides.