CybExer Technologies and O2 It Services Announce Strategic Partnership

Published On: May 4, 2021Categories: News

CybExer Technologies and O2 IT Services are pleased to announce they have entered into a strategic partnership, combining CybExer Technologies’ world class cyber security products and services with O2 IT Services’ long-term expertise and strong background in IT sector in the Czech Republic.

With the ever-changing threat landscape in cyber space, it is absolutely crucial to stay on the top of cyber security trends. This newly established partnership facilitates access for customers from the Czech Republic and the region to products and services which will ensure their readiness to these challenges.

CybExer Technologies, with its mission to empower human potential in cyber space and deep expertise in cyber trainings and exercises, is a leader in the field of cyber security in Europe and beyond. The company offers wide spectrum of services from technical and strategic decision-making exercises to e-learning and risk-assessment training in cyber hygiene or fight against corruption, all run on its proprietary platforms used by customers from governmental, private, and academic sectors. On the other hand, O2 IT Services is an established expert in IT services in the Czech market known for its flexible and agile tailor-made solutions. The strategic partnership of CybExer Technologies and O2 IT Services is therefore and excellent match and cyber security solution for any institution in the Czech Republic.

“We see great potential in the partnership between CybExer Technologies and O2 IT Services as it brings an excellent opportunity for Czech customers to take advantage of the profound expertise and skills of these two companies and protect their IT systems from any current and future cyber threats,” said Andrus Kivisaar, the co-founder of CybExer Technologies.

“Cyber security of any institution is a never-ending story and we strongly believe that our close cooperation with CybExer Technologies will offer customers at Czech market the opportunity to enhance their security in cyber space in as comprehensive manner as possible,” added Zdeněk Kaplan, the CEO of O2 IT Services.

About CybExer Technologies:

CybExer Technologies is a NATO-awarded Estonian cybersecurity company. It has wide-ranging experience in providing and maintaining highly sophisticated IT platforms with a special focus on cyber ranges and other capability development solutions. CybExer’s platforms are the key to its successful delivery of a plethora of cybersecurity trainings and exercises aimed at ordinary users, technical responders and the very top of strategic leadership. CybExer’s flagship solution is its proprietary cyber range solutions and the highly realistic live-fire exercises conducted on the range. The company’s capabilities and solutions have been used to conduct some of the world’s largest cyber exercises.

About O2 IT Services:

O2 IT Services has operated at the Czech market for the past 30 years. As an independent subsidiary of O2 Czech Republic, O2 IT Services is fast, flexible and naturally agile company using its strong background in being a trustworthy partner with a long-term strategy. The company covers wide range of customer IT services with particular emphasis on tailor-made solutions. Its portfolio of services consists of IT architecture and IT business consulting, IT infrastructure, application development and operation, system integration and IT security. O2 IT Services employs over 200 IT professionals who are the true engine of the company’s success.