CybExer Cyber Hygiene Launched by the Latvian Ministry of Defence

Published On: April 11, 2017Categories: News

Cyber Hygiene Platform established by the CybExer Technologies was launched by the Latvian Ministry of Defence aiming to raise its employees’ awareness about cyber threats.

According to Janek Gridin, a Member of the Executive Board of CybExer Technologies, the platform is designed to interactively address real-life situations to mitigate the users’ cyber risk behaviour.

“There are millions of cyber-attacks taking place in the world daily where the target is a regular user. One wrong move: opening a malicious e-mail, using infected USB drive or something similar may endanger not that person alone, but also the whole organization.” Highlighting the current threat environment Gridin emphasized that “raising the awareness of cyber threats is absolutely vital.”

The CybExer Cyber Hygiene platform has been created in Estonia, with considerable input from the Latvian Ministry of Defence within the framework of a cooperation project with the Estonian Ministry of Defence.

CybExer Technologies is a joint company established by two leading Estonian cyber security companies BHC Laboratory and ByteLife Solutions.

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