CybExer Cyber Range as a Service offering enters Polish market

Published On: October 26, 2022Categories: News

OCTOBER 26th, Mons: CybExer Technologies and Polish cyber security company LabSecure PSA signed a Memorandum of Understanding in Mons at the NATO Communication and Information Agency Conference NATO Edge 2022 to start offering cyber security trainings in Polish market based on CybExer Cyber Range as a service solution.

LabSecure CEO Jacek Czech emphasized a significant gap in cybersecurity skills in Poland: “In Poland there are significant regulatory requirements for thousands of employees of state administration, business – state and private companies and mainly local government cybersecurity staff to go through a continuous cycle of training and certification. We are glad to partner with CybExer Technologies and bring on board effective cyber range technology to address this challenge.”

According to CybExer Technologies CEO Andrus Kivisaar the agreement is yet another proof of the appeal of CybExer SaaS offering: “Our mission is to make cyber range technology accessible to cyber training providers who have local knowledge and access to clients. We want to be a good cyber range partner allowing training providers to customize their content to local needs. We are very glad to sign the MOU with LabSecure to enhance the cyber resilience of Polish public sector and companies. This milestone marks for us the entering to the market of a 40 million country and helps scaling up our technology, ” Kivisaar added.