Acclaimed Cyber Security Expert Klaid Mägi to Join the Cybexer Team

Published On: January 16, 2018Categories: News

Klaid Mägi, head of the Incident Response Department (CERT-EE) at the Estonian Information System Authority (RIA), will take on a new challenge in February by joining CybExer Technologies, an Estonian cyber security company which is rapidly expanding its operations both in Estonia and abroad.

“Klaid is one of the best cyber security experts in Estonia. His experience and knowledge with regards to cyber incident response are virtually invaluable,” explains Janek Gridin, member of the board of CybExer Technologies. “This is why having Klaid join us is a very important win for our expanding team as well as our partners.”

CybExer Technologies is a leading Estonian exporter of cyber security solutions that has thus far provided a wide range of solutions to almost 20 foreign governments and international organisations. One of the most sought-after products in CybExer’s portfolio is the world’s only cyber training environment for large-scale and sophisticated cyber security exercises which has received wide recognition and critical acclaim within international defence structures. Furthermore, CybExer is an operating partner of Estonian and foreign enterprises for the assessment of their cyber security risk environment as well as the conceptualisation of incident and crisis response.

Having worked as a cyber specialist and executive in private and public sector institutions for over 17 years, Klaid Mägi will depart the RIA in early February. It took him only three and a half years to completely rebuild the CERT-EE department within the RIA and make it one of the top facilities worldwide. The latter is also reflected by the fact that last autumn the cyber security unit headed by Mägi within the RIA received its certification by Trusted Introducer, a well-known CERT community. This proves that the Estonian CERT is one of the world’s best developed cyber security units.

According to the RIA’s Director General Taimar Peterkop, Klaid’s contribution to ensuring Estonian cyber security has been remarkable. “Our ability to identify cyber incidents and respond to them as well as attaining the relevant skills are exceptional. Klaid and his team have contributed to solving and addressing numerous important issues, for example the ID card security risk case, the preparation of the draft Cyber Security Act and also improvements regarding cyber hygiene within the public sector and private companies. From our agency’s point of view, I am sorry that we are going to lose a top professional and brilliant colleague, but – in broader terms – I understand his decision to move on. I hope his experience in the RIA serves as a good foundation for it,” said Peterkop, head of the RIA.

According to Klaid Mägi, joining the CybExer team is the logical step to take after the successful relaunch of the CERT-EE and heading it through the exciting and equally complicated period of Estonia’s Presidency in the Council of the EU. “I have said before that my greatest challenge in the RIA was to make sure, together with my team, that the country’s EU Presidency would go smoothly. Today, I dare say that we passed this challenge with flying colours,” Mägi noted. “This is why it is time for me to move on and face new challenges in the private sector where such critical services as banking, energy supply, transport, medicine and others need to take the ever-growing cyber security risks into account. I also see sharing Estonia’s experience with other countries as my mission. One way to do it is to organise highly realistic and complicated cyber security exercises for governments and critical infrastructure companies all over the world, using CybExer top-class cyber security training platforms.”

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