Cyber Security Education – The Case for Academia

Cyber range technology is a powerful tool that can be used by academic institutions to provide hands-on, practical training to students in various fields of study, such as

  • computer science
  • cybersecurity
  • information technology

Make Use of Cyber Range Technology to Provide Hands-on Training to Students

Increasingly, academic studies involve not only textbook studies but also hands-on exercises to maximize learning results. Here are some ideas to use cyber ranges for academia to utilize this technology as part of educational programs.

  • Simulate Real-World Scenarios: Cyber range technology can be used to simulate real-world scenarios that students may encounter in their future careers.
  • Provide Hands-On Training: Cyber range technology allows students to gain hands-on experience in dealing with cyber attacks and other security incidents.
  • Collaborative Learning: Cyber range technology can facilitate collaborative learning by allowing students to work together in teams to solve complex problems.
  • Assess Student Performance: Cyber range technology can be used for instance to track student progress and identify areas where students may need additional instruction.
  • Engage Students: Cyber range technology can be a highly engaging tool that can help keep students interested and motivated in their studies. By providing a dynamic and interactive learning environment, academic institutions can create a more engaging and rewarding learning experience for their students.
  • Thrilling CTF Competitions: Cyber range technology enables to conduct engaging competitive capture-the-flag (CTF) cyber competitions

Cyber Ranges for Developing Own Skills and Educational Programs

Cyber ranges for academia can provide institutions with a powerful tool for developing their own skills and educational programs.

  • Research and Development: Academic institutions can use cyber range technology for research and development purposes, such as developing new cybersecurity tools and techniques. This can help advance the field of cybersecurity and contribute to the overall body of knowledge in the field.
  • Offer Continuing Education: Cyber range technology can be used to offer continuing education courses and programs to professionals in the field of cybersecurity and information technology. This can help professionals stay up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques in the field and maintain their skills and knowledge.
  • Collaboration and Partnerships: Cyber range technology can facilitate collaboration and partnerships between academic institutions and industry partners.

How CybExer can help: University Cyber Ranges

There is an increasing demand for specialists who can monitor, track, and prevent cyber-attacks. The academic sector urgently needs state-of-the-art tools to teach students the skills to be able to do this.

With our Cyber Range for Universities offering, we provide:

  • Free consultations to define cyber range specification and requirements
  • “Agnostic” range platform compatible with customer-provided hardware
  • Partnership with academic clients to create and resell novel tasks to our Cyber Range library
  • Webinars / Cyber Range demos
  • Cyber Range test events

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