OT security

Here at CybExer, we are building cyber ranges that support the simulation of a wide range of critical information infrastructure facilities, operational technology, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, etc. 

This also includes but is not limited to, electricity, gas, oil, telecommunications, water supply, agriculture, heating, public health, transportation systems, financial services, and security services. 

In this downloadable document, we have gathered a list of cyber range use cases for OT security. Besides, you will find in-depth information about our special-purpose system simulators and how they work in practice. 

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Why Does OT Security Matter?

We believe it is essential to have an operational technology portfolio when dealing with cyber ranges, as it gives an in-depth overview of different case scenarios and gives full guidance on the OT security topic. During the system simulation, the optimal level of sophistication and technical complexity is highly dependent on the nature of the training or exercise that is being conducted. 

In this document, you will find complete information on the standard system simulators, custom simulators, integration of customer-supplied systems to Cyber Range, and more. If we talk about technically simplest solutions, the first group is high-level abstract system simulators. The idea here is to add a business-critical component to the score of an IT-centric exercise without requiring technical knowledge about its operation or the process that is being simulated. 

Another example is standard system simulators. These types of simulators target to exercise technical aspects of ICS, OT, or IoT systems. They are built from well-known industrial-grade components and may include physical components. 

At CybExer, we provide advanced cybersecurity training and testing solutions to boost your organizational cyber resilience. Over the years, we have gained trust from hundreds of organizations in over 50 countries, and our platform is the go-to choice for realistic and impactful training experiences. 

If you’d like to learn more about how we can help your organization better prepare for any kind of cybersecurity challenges and threats, feel free to reach out to us!