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Cyber Ranges are known as safe and controlled environments for organizations to test and train their employees to help them improve their cybersecurity skills. But not many people know that cyber ranges offer more capabilities than that. 

For example, they can help you reduce the costs of R&D and technology testing significantly. Also, they can help you discover and communicate the status of your cybersecurity preparedness of an organization. 

At the same time, cyber ranges are valuable tools for universities and training companies as part of their curricula. 

This material dives deep into this topic and talks about challenges that cyber range can help you solve on an organizational level.

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How Can Cyber Ranges Help You Solve Challenges on an Organizational Level?

Simply put, the cyber range is a platform that enables simulated environments for training cybersecurity professionals and testing an organization’s incident response capabilities. Generally, cyber ranges include simulated network infrastructure, systems, and tools, as well as various types of cyber attacks. 

There are many use cases where cyber ranges can be helpful. For example, it can help you assess your organization’s cyber readiness in realistic cyber-attack scenarios and identify areas for development. Moreover, it assists you effectively address the skills gaps in cybersecurity of your individual employees, and enhance skills for the entire organization. It can also help you measure the effectiveness of cyber training efforts. 

As discussed, you can solve many challenges with the help of cyber range technology, and that’s exactly what our report will tell you about in-depth. 

Here at CybExer Technologies, we provide advanced cybersecurity training and testing solutions to boost your organizational cyber resilience. Trusted by hundreds of organizations in over 50 countries, our platform is the go-to choice for realistic and impactful training experiences. 

If you’d like to learn more about how we can help your organization better prepare for any kind of cybersecurity challenges and threats, feel free to reach out to us!