Cyber Range Technology

Buying a cyber range solution that fits your organization’s needs can be challenging. There are various details that can go wrong, and it can feel like a hardware-purchasing exercise. 

However, it is important to note that the actual impact of the investment you put in the cyber range is software and people, not hardware. In this downloadable material, we dive deeper into this topic and discuss five essential things to consider when buying a cyber range that yields powerful results. 

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What Factors Should Organizations Consider When Buying a Cyber Range?

In today’s world, where cyber threats evolve daily, it is important for organizations to be prepared for such events and be able to avoid risks in a timely manner. The main challenge is to think about how do you make sure that your organization is ready for dangerous cyber attacks?

Cyber ranges have emerged as a solution in this case. Organizations can use them as a place for cyber warfare training, where they have a safe training environment, and in addition, they help assist you with testing and R&D purposes. 

It is important to consider that the cyber range is a place designed for cyber warfare training. Different organizations use it to assess readiness for an attack or as a practice field for people looking to get into the cybersecurity field. The cyber range environment also allows organizations to simulate attacks on how to best detect, respond to, and prevent cyber incidents in a safe environment without causing any real-life damage. 

At the same time, cyber range can be used as a tool for security or technology testing, as well as research and development activities. So, how do you choose the right cyber range that can help you ensure the safety of your organization?

For more in-depth analysis, have a look at the material to find out about the most important factors to consider when buying a cyber range. 

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