Rain Nõmmsalu Joins CybExer Technologies to Lead the 1.3 Million Smart City Research Project

Published On: February 17, 2023Categories: News

Experienced cyber security expert Rain Nõmmsalu with backround in network security, red teaming and CTF competitions joins CybeExer Technologies to lead the 1.3 million euro smart city cybersecurity project „Applied research on cyber security of smart city mobility solutions based on cyber range technology“.

The aim of the project is to research the resilience of smart city mobility solutions using cyber range technology in order to protect cities and civilian infrastructure against cyber disruptions.Rain Nõmmsalu explained that the project will research the cybersecurity interdependencies of smart city mobility solutions and bring geospatial information to cyber ranges for a better understanding and management of smart cities. 

„The project is particularily interesting for me as I have also worked for Tartu City Government where I was responsible for managing network security for the city servicesThe integration of smart city components into the cyber range allows cybersecurity professionals, researchers, and decision-makers to safely train in a simulated environment, thus enhancing their ability to secure and safeguard urban infrastructure against potential cyber threats. I am really excited to join CybExer and use my skills and knowledge to research the possibilities to secure the digital infrastructure of modern cities,” Rain Nõmmsalu said.

Andrus Kivisaar, the CEO of CybExer Technologies said that the continuous research and development is vital for a deep tech company.

“In order to be able understand how the smart cities work and be on par with our cyber range offerings, we have to study and research. R&D has always been part of CybExer DNA. I am glad to welcome Rain to the team to take the smart city cyber resilience to the next level, ” he added.

In today’s interconnected world, cities are becoming increasingly reliant on smart city systems, making it essential to research and understand the security implications and potential effects of cyber attacks on the infrastructure.