CybExer Technologies Conducted Live-Fire Cyber Trainings for Estonian Banking Sector

Published On: November 25, 2022Categories: News

CybExer Technologies hosted the live-fire cyber training for Estonian banks on its proprietary cyber range. The participants from SEB Estonia, Swedbank Estonia, LHV, and Coop Estonia took on the experienced CybExer red teamers to defend the systems against cyber attacks in simulated environment.

The event was organised by Estonian Information System Authority in order to strengthen the resilience of Estonian critical infrastructure.

The multi-day exercise trained the cyber security teams to repel the cyber attacks and coordinate their cooperation in a high-stress crises situation. The competitors in business put their backs together and solved cyber incidents side by side.

Five-member teams fought against the sophisticated attacks and patched the systems that had already been hacked. It is the first time when multiple banks have practiced together in this form. The participants were very satisfied with the training experience emphasizing the excellent build-up of the exercise and wonderfully smooth working process of the cyber range platform.

CybExer Technologies proprietary cyber range platform enables to perform highly realistic live-fire exercises, perform cyber skills testing, run capture the flag competitions and perform cyber security related testings. CybExer capabilities and solutions have been used to conduct some of the world’s largest cyber exercises.

The Estonian Information System Authority is a national competence center that shapes and secures the foundations of the Estonian information society. The main responsibility is to develop and manage central e-government infrastructure services and to ensure the state’s cyber security.