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CybExer Launches a Digital Twin Configurator to Help Organizations Mirror and Test Their Technology

Published On: July 9, 2024Categories: News

At CybExer Technologies, we are committed to providing global organizations with advanced tools to help them improve their security posture and boost cyber resilience. 

We have just launched the Digital Twin Configurator tool, which is specifically made for organizations that would benefit from designing a Digital Twin that mirrors their technology landscape

More specifically, this tool will help organizations to create a digital twin of already existing production environments for sandboxing, which involves technology testing, research, and more. 

Using digital twins, they can take any asset and replicate its full functionality, features, and behavior in a way that makes it feel real to users. 

Creating these types of virtual models makes it easier to study performance, think about possible improvements, and run simulations to generate valuable insights and, as a result, improve the product offering.

To create their own Digital Twin, organizations have to describe their project in detail, and our tool will develop a solution that is perfectly tailored to the given specifications. 

This configurator ensures that you start with a template that is aligned with your needs. That way, the digital twin accurately reflects your specific technology landscape, helps you address your objectives, and scales appropriately with your project size. 

How Does Digital Twin Configurator Work?

Well, to get started with using this tool, first you must visit the Digital Twin Configurator website. As you can see, there are three major steps to go through: 

  • Describe your project
  • Customize your Digital Twin 
  • Review, download, and contact 

Let’s go through these steps one by one. 

Step 1: Describe Your Project

On the first step, you must tell us what is the primary objective of your project and what is the size of it. 

Digital Twin configurator page 1

Digital Twin configurator page 1

Objectives to choose from include:

  • Exercises – to simulate cyber threats to assess and enhance your organization’s preparedness and resilience. 
  • CTF – to test your skills by solving cybersecurity challenges and capturing virtual flags. 
  • Training – to provide hands-on training for your team with scenarios mirroring real-world threats. 
  • Technology – to test and validate new technologies and security solutions in a controlled environment. 
  • Research & Compliance – to utilize digital twins for research, compliance, and other purposes. 

Step 2: Customize Your Digital Twin

In this step, you can configure each component of the technology, add and remove segments,  and set them up according to your business needs. 

Digital Twin configurator page 2

Digital Twin configurator page 2

Configurable segments include Cloud Hosted Systems, Public Services, Critical Infrastructure Control Center, Test Servers, Security and Monitoring Systems, and others that give you an opportunity to make high-level adjustments to the system. 

In each segment, you can add multiple Servers and Services of your choosing. 

Step 3: Review and Download the Configuration Link

As the last step, you should enter your contact details, and our team will get in touch with a Digital Twin recommendation and proposal tailored exactly to your specific project requirements. 

Digital Twin configurator page 3

Digital Twin configurator page 3

There is also a possibility of getting a copy of your configuration for your records for future reference. 

What Benefits Do Digital Twins Bring to an Organization?

There are lots of benefits that digital twins offer to organizations. Most primarily, this technology ensures safety and makes your solutions more trustworthy for the users. The most prominent benefits of digital twins include: 

  • Test Out New Solutions and Technologies

Digital twins give you the ability to test out new ideas and increase the technical reliability of your solutions. Implementing new technologies into the existing solutions can be challenging, and it is essential to have accurate information about the technicalities that the overall process requires. 

  • Organize Cyber Preparedness Management

The abundance of technology is a specific challenge when it comes to organizing your cyber preparedness management – new technologies are invasive and interrupt lots of ongoing processes along the way. 

Digital twins enable the high-level protection and analysis of different systems with low impact on the ongoing processes. 

  • Ensure Technological Safety and Data Security

Oftentimes, it is critical to test technologies and ensure the high-level safety of your solutions before implementation. Digital twins allow simulations of systems before the final execution, making sure to expose problems and solve them before you officially launch your project to the public.  

Try out the Digital Twin Configurator Tool and Let Us Know Your Feedback!

Digital Twin technology is an irreplaceable asset when you need to ensure the trustworthiness of your solutions. 

Make sure you try out our Digital Twin Configurator to mirror your projects and test them out in a simulated environment on the highest level. Don’t forget to let us know about your thoughts as well – your feedback is valuable to us. 

The CybExer team is looking forward to crafting your Digital Twin solution!