CybExer hosted a CTF Battle for Estonian and Latvian Voluntary Military Units

Published On: August 24, 2020Categories: News

Over the weekend of 21-23 August 2020 Members of the Cyber Units of the Estonian Defence League and National Guard of Latvia took part in a Capture-the-Flag format exercise supported by CybExer Technologies. The Estonian-Latvian mixed teams competed in a series of offensive and forensic missions.

The Chief of the Cyber Defence Unit of the National Guard of Latvia Major Rolands Mandelis emphasized the importance of cooperation that such exercises foster: “The mixed-nations team set-up was particularly welcome as it provides a true opportunity to improve our regional cooperation in securing cyberspace.”

Captain Andrus Padar, the Chief of Cyber Defence Unit of the Estonian Defence League highlighted the realistic nature of the competition: “This event provided our unit, which is composed mostly of volunteers from private sector a realistic opportunity to confront the challenges that are at the core of our unit’s mission. Such experiences not only improve the team’s skillset but are great morale boosters.”

Military cyber defence units of volunteers are extremely effective in filling the capability gap in cyber defence and such reserves form a crucial part of national defence strategies of both Estonia and Latvia. “We are honored to contribute to the success of these mission-critical units,” CybExer Technologies’ COO Aare Reintam stated.

CybExer Technologies continues to supply interactive, engaging training formats for every level of professionals, including military units.