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Operational Technologies for Cyber Range

Our approach

Flexibility – CybExer can offer multiple deployment options based upon client needs. CybExer is focused upon meeting client needs in the most efficient and scalable way with ease of use increasing the user experience.

Scalability – CybExer can easily scale from small cyber ranges of several devices to thousands via a proprietary and automated interface offering customized cyber ranges tuned to individual missions and needs; pre-production, staging, production, Capture The Flag (CTF), Red vs Blue, and multiple business sectors including specialized areas such as space, finance, IoT, and medical.

Complexity – CybExer has proven experience building and supporting specialized cyber ranges with Operational Technologies (OT) and Internet of Things (IoT). This experience includes building classified Industrial Control System (ICS) test beds and replicating space and navigational systems.

Standard solutions

We are able to provide simple, yet realistic solutions, including physical components. Products from companies like Siemens and Threod allow technicians to practice working with real-life technology in an isolated and safe environment. The solutions are simplified and selected to be easy to learn, like a HVAC controller, or a video surveillance drone, yet including full range of features offered by the underlying platform. The trainees can get administrative access to the systems, including opportunity to change settings of the device.

Digital Twins

We offer domain-specific solutions, that fully match expectations of the client. We can integrate hardware and software provided by the client to our range or build a custom system from ground up. We have run 4G/LTE base station and Smart Grid components, built our own crude oil pumping simulator, to give a few examples.

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