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Cyber Range Solutions

CybExer’s flagship service is the development, operation and maintenance of next-generation, state-of-the-art, cyber ranges. Irrespective of the cyber range – be it our proprietary ranges configured for immediate use or those custom developed for our clients – our development principles are focused on ensuring highly scalable, flexible, and high-availability ranges.

What is a Cyber Range?

A cyber range is a platform for the development, delivery and use of interactive simulation environments. It consists of a complex set of underlying infrastructure and cyber range management software upon which various virtual or physically integrated machines can be installed. Ultimately, it offers a safe environment where personel, technical, and organisational capabilities can be assessed, analyzed, and developed.


Training and Assessment: Development and assessment of skills in cybersecurity is perhaps the most common use-case of cyber ranges. It also covers a very broad range of different applications from standard training courses for cyber security professionals through solutions for current and new employee skills testing up to broad-based educational training programmes for the younger generation.


In more recent years, cyber ranges have become more and more popular for the delivery of various competitions and challenges – often referred to as “Capture The Flag” (CTF) events.

Security Testing and Research

The traditional use-case of a cyber range is related to security testing and research. For example, in security testing, different tools and solutions can be safely targeted with attacks to assess their security and identify vulnerabilities before their actual use in an operational environment. Moreover, with security research, continuous efforts to analyse exploits and vulnerabilities can be conducted.

Organisational Resilience

Last but not least, cyber ranges and their applications for training and testing can provide valuable input for organisational and operational risk management, crisis resolution, and human resources development. It is not just the specific skills of IT specialists or the robustness of security tools that matter but also the wider, organisational capacity to collectively prevent and manage cyber incidents through a broad array of processes, procedures and technologies. Lastly, cyber ranges ensure continuity of operations (COOP) as testing of new changes (patches, updates, code updates, etc.) may be tested in pre-production before being delivered to staging and production environments.

Custom Built Cyber Ranges

Our team has built numerous highly efficient and unique cyber ranges. We offer customized solutions to all of our clients and thus provide unique learning, training and testing opportunities. Our cyber ranges have three hosting models: cloud-based, on-premise, or hybrid cyber ranges.

Cloud-based Cyber Range:

Cloud hosting model allows the cyber range to be accessed all over the world and be deployed in a matter of hours. This provides a dynamic capacity for the exercises, allowing participants to join at the chosen time from the chosen place. Furthermore, cloud-based hosting allows us to scale the computing resources up and down as needed. CybExers proprietary configuration and operational policies also allow for micro-segmentation and security policies to completely isolate your range and data.

On-Premise Cyber Range:

On-premise cyber ranges are built, customized and set up by our experienced team wherever you need. This hosting model ensures a greater control over the infrastructure and enables integration of physical hardware like SCADA controllers and IoT devices. This type of cyber range can be operated even completely offline. Support options include on-site or remote via secure virtual private network (VPN).

Hybrid Cyber Range:

Hybrid range takes the advantages of on-premise range and cloud-based range and adds them together. It means that we can share the resources and systems between the two ranges, e.g. holding some data and systems in cloud-based range while integrating physical hardware to on-premise range. This option allows for a virtualized environment that may be quickly started, cleaned, and restarted while still allowing for the inclusion of physical devices.

University Cyber Ranges

Cyber Range for Universities is a new customized product for Academic Institutions and Universities that enables high quality IT and cyber security research and study programs.

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Cyber Range Consultancy

CybExer has proven experience and excels at providing custom cyber ranges to clients across a variety of technologies and operational environments.

Our subject matter experts can work with you to create specialized environments including systems, infrastructure, vulnerabilities, regional and business sector exploits allowing for evaluation of technologies and personnel.

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