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CybExer Technologies to Launch a Unique Cyber Range Platform

24 March 2016, Washington, DC

Today Mr. Taavi Rõivas, the Prime Minister of Estonia opened a US-Estonia cyber security and defense industry conference. One of the highlights of the event was the product launch of the CybExer Range Platform by CybExer Technologies.

The CybExer Range Platform (CRP) is designed for executing complex cyber security exercises for customers in financial, critical infrastructure, defense and security sector.

“Our industry experience shows a clear and growing shortfall in training of cyber security experts,” said Mr. Andrus Kivisaar, one of the Co-founders of CybExer Technologies “Our ambition with the CybExer platform is to make complex military-grade cyber exercises accessible and affordable for commercial market.”

“Unique design of the CRP allows the customer to conduct repeatable cyber exercises and get an access to regularly updated cyber security exercise scenarios,” added Mr. Janek Gridin, another Co-founder of CybExer Technologies.

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