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CybExer Technologies announces partnership with Thinnect

11 June 2021. Tallinn

CybExer is delighted to announce partnership with IoT solutions company Thinnect to improve the cyber security of Smart City solutions for cities of all sizes.

The strategic partnership aims to combine Thinnect’s IoT expertise to build networks of sensors and provide applications for smart city IT solutions with CybExer’s vast cyber security experience in safeguarding complicated IT-systems.

The cooperation is targeting global trend of urbanization and goals for sustainable built environments. As cities and population density grows at a faster pace, safety and sustainability can be achieved by applying smart technologies at scale in all built environments.

"Understanding a city’s ecosystem is the key to creating a safe and sustainable living environment for everyone. Thinnect has ample experience in creating and deploying grids of sensors monitoring air quality, noise, traffic density, use of public space by pedestrians and cyclists and much more to provide insights for creating better living environments for people. Understanding the city ecosystem is the key for better planning and management," said the CEO of Thinnect, Jürgo Preden.

According to the World Economic Forum Global Risks Report, the number of IoT devices worldwide will double by 2025. Whilst this will bring huge innovation and allow cities to operate more efficiently, it also makes them possible targets to cyber attacks.

Rainer Saks, CybExer Technologies Member of Management Board said that IT systems which are built for public good must be resilient in case of cyber disruptions. "Unfortunately the rate of cyberattacks against IoT networks tends to be on the rise. It’s imperative that IT systems which are built for public good must be resilient. We are excited to cooperate with Thinnect on the subjects that we both are best at to create better solutions for the future," Rainer Saks added.

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