Atro Ranta-aho joins CybExer Technologies as Vice President of Direct sales

Published On: December 14, 2022Categories: News

We’re excited to announce that Atro Ranta-aho, an experienced sales professional is joining CybExer Technologies as a Vice President of Direct Sales. Atro will be responsible in building and scaling up CybExer Technologies cyber range offering to the training companies and enterprises.

Atro has extensive experience in software sales and he has built winning sales teams throughout Europe and North America. Atro is joining CybExer from Sievo, a SaaS provider that has taken over the procurement analytics market in the past years with their modern approach to spend analytics. At Sievo, Atro built the company’s North America sales presence and transformed the customer success organization into a revenue stream.

“Firstly, I feel honored to be part of the CybExer journey going forward. The team is amazing, there’s just so much hands on experience in cyber security with anyone you talk to! The potential in the product is enormous and I can’t wait to introduce it to the world,“ said Ranta-aho.

„Furthermore, it’s not self-evident in today’s software sales roles that the product you’re selling will actually make a difference in the big picture. With CybExer I feel that I am actually contributing to making the world a better place by helping companies increase their cyber security posture that has an impact to the organisations and consumers”, Ranta-aho added.

Andrus Kivisaar, the CEO of CybExer Technologies explained that hiring top talent is part of the CybExer journey to scale CybExer Technologies cyber range through SaaS offering.

“I see this as a very important milestone for CybExer in building a better Customer Experience for both current and potential new clients of ours. The potential in the market is massive and the CybExer team has just touched the surface so far. Atro’s experience and knowledge in SaaS sales will greatly help us to implement our vision to make cyber ranges accessible for everyone,” Andrus Kivisaar said.