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CybExer Technologies Announces Expansion to the Netherlands
London, 05 June 2019 CybExer Technologies is expanding its business to the city of peace, justice and security to join the local cybersecurity ecosystem. The Hague was a natural choice for CybExer’s first international office… Read more
Unique cyber exercise for the private sector is taking place in Tallinn
Tallinn, 21 March 2018 Rene Tammist, the Estonian Minister of Entrepreneurship and Information Technology, opened yesterday an international exercise in the award-winning cyberlab of the Estonian company CybExer Technologies… Read more
Digital test by CybExer: a mission of patience to change the world
Tallinn, October 2018 What do you do if you find a flash drive in the parking lot of your office? Do you always log into open Wi-Fi networks? Or how do you protect yourself from shoulder surfing? The Estonian cyber security company CybExer Technologies has created the world’s only e-learning platform… Read more
Director of NATO Cyber Centre in Tallinn Merle Maigre to join the CybExer Team
Tallinn, 16 August 2018. Merle Maigre, current Director of NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence in Tallinn, will take on a new challenge in September by becoming an Executive Vice President for Government Relations at CybExer Technologies… Read more
Acclaimed cyber security expert Klaid Mägi to join the CybExer team
Tallinn, 16 January 2018. Klaid Mägi, head of the Incident Response Department (CERT-EE) at the Estonian Information System Authority (RIA), will take on a new challenge in February by joining CybExer Technologies, an Estonian cyber security company which is rapidly expanding… Read more
TUT researchers start collaboration with CybExer Technologies, a cyber security company
Tallinn, 24 July 2017. Tallinn University of Technology (TUT) has started collaboration with CybExer Technologies, an Estonian cyber security company, which brought a 300,000-euro research grant to TUT so that ways of… Read more
EBS has started collaboration with Estonian cyber security company
Tallinn, 30 June 2017. This week, while the world was shaken by a ransomware attack, Estonian Business School has started collaboration with Estonian cyber security companies BHC Laboratory and CybExer Technologies in order to jointly increase future… Read more
Estonian Minister of Entrepreneurship and Information Technology Visits CybExer
Tallinn, 24 May 2017. Estonian Minister of Entrepreneurship and Information Technology Ms. Urve Palo visits CybExer Technology offices in Tallinn. During the meetings Ms. Palo was given an overview of the implementation…Read more
Full Review of of CyberHygiene Platform
Tallinn, 16 May 2017. We are glad to publish the full review of tech portal of CybExer Cyber Hygiene e-Learning platform that thousands of Estonian Civil Servants will now be able to undertake. Review is authored by Hans Lõugas (…Read more
City of Tartu is the First Local Government to Introduce Cyber Hygiene Platform
Tartu, 16 May 2017. Tartu City Government is the first local government in Estonia to implement the CybExer Cyber Hygiene testing platform. It aims to raise the awareness of people working in the city…Read more
Leading Estonian Tech Portal Reviews CyberHygiene Platform
Tallinn, 16. May 2017 One of the leading Estonian technology portals reviewed CybExer CyberHygene e-learning platform and they only had positive things to say. Below is the full translation of the article by Hans Lõugas (…Read more
Estonia Implements CybExer Cyber Hygiene e-Learning Course to All Civil Servants
Tallinn, 18. May 2017. The Information System Authority of the Republic of Estonia (RIA) has launched CybExer Cyber Hygiene online training platform for all Estonian civil servants to test and improve their awareness regarding possible threats emerging from… Read more
CybExer Cyber Hygiene launched by the Latvian Ministry of Defence
Riga, 11. April 2017 – Cyber Hygiene Platform established by the CybExer Technologies was launched by the Latvian Ministry of Defence aiming to raise its employees’ awareness about cyber threats. According to Janek Gridin, a Member of the Executive Board of CybExer Technologies, the platform is …Read more
Looking ahead to 2017: What Next after a Successful Launch?
1 January 2017, Tallinn. Estonia. CybExer Technologies wishes all its clients and partners a happy 2017 and is looking forward to working to continue delivering unique and advanced solutions in cyber security. We can confidently say that 2016 was a very successful year for CybExer Technologies. After our launch, the clear need for our…Read more
CybExer Technologies launches a Czech and Latvian versions of the Cyber Hygiene e-Learning Platform.
1 December 2016. Prague, Czech Republic. To accommodate the needs of the current and prospective customers CybExer Technologies has launched the Czech and Latvian versions of the Cyber Hygiene e-Learning Platform…Read more
CybExer Technologies
has finished
the deployment of
Cyber Hygiene e-Learning Platform
1 November 2016. Tallinn, Estonia. CybExer Technologies has successfully completed the delivery of the Cyber Hygiene e-Learning Platform to a high-profile international customer. “We are excited and proud of …Read more
CybExer Technologies Launches a Unique Cyber Hygiene e-Learning Platform
19 May 2016. Tallinn, Estonia. It is a well-known fact that approximately 97% of cyber incidents are caused by human risk-behavior. To counter this threat, CybExer Technologies has developed an e-Learning and risk mitigation platform that addresses the risk…Read more
CybExer Technologies
to Launch a Unique
Cyber Range
24 March 2016, Washington, DC. Today Mr. Taavi Rõivas, the Prime Minister of Estonia opened a US-Estonia cyber security and defense industry conference. One of the highlights of the event was the product launch of the CybExer Range Platform by CybExer Technologies…Read more